Autonomous energy supply for navigation signs on waterways, on mooring post and on difficult to access terrain

The solar cabinet of the SK series is designed for the autonomous power supply of navigation signs on waterways.

The housing is made of stainless steel V2A and is equipped with a stable, lockable and triple locking door and is thus optimally protected against external influences.

The solar cabinet SK is equipped with a solar panel, up to 10 maintenance-free solar batteries and a solar charge controller as standard. Ventilation openings ensure sufficient ventilation of the cabinet.


• stainless steel housing, powder-coated
• vandalism protected
• profile cylinder


• SK5 with up to 5 solar batteries
• SK7 with up to 7 solar batteries
• SK10 with up to 10 solar batteries
• day-night switch
• holder for up to 3 solar panels
• radar reflector
• for use with LEDmin MKII, LEDmax, EE 155 LED and UAL-2-12VDC

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