Marking of ice-prone waterways and ports

The unique design of the IB-1200 ice buoy allows it to be used for a wide range of applications.

The IB-1200 includes three rotationally moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene profiles; upper body, central body and lower torso. Using an adhesive technology, all three sections are welded together to form three completely independent sections. This combination provides high impact resistance and structural elasticity. In addition, the lower hull section is formed with a second internal chamber to ensure buoyancy in case the buoy is damaged. All three profiles are moulded with different wall thicknesses to ensure maximum impact resistance with the best possible stability in changing currents, ice and sea conditions.

Equipped with galvanized steel fastening eyes, the buoy is easy to handle.

The IB-1200 ice buoy complies with DIN EN ISO 4892-3-2006 and is available in all recommended IALA colours. The IB-1200 ice bucket can be equipped with the NOVA-IB ice lantern. Power is supplied by the ice buoy battery. The ice buoy battery is also available from Julius Marine.


• radar reflector

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