Julius MB120

for all inland waters that are not used by commercial shipping

The Julius MB120 is made of durable, UV-stable polyethylene and is filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 36 kg/m3.

Without ballast weight the weight of the buoy is 20 kg and can take a chain weight of 80 kg.

• marking of nature reserves
• marking of swimming areas
• inland water buoy without top mark
• inland water buoy with top mark or shield

The Julius MB120 buoy has a wall thickness of 6-8 mm and is filled with PUR foam, making it unsinkable. A galvanized steel tube runs through the middle of the buoy and is anchored at the bottom. A 5 mm thick steel disc with a diameter of 350 mm is welded to the upper end of the tube. The top mark is mounted on this. To achieve a stable floating position, a coated ballast weight is mounted under the buoy. This weight is used to anchor the buoy. All connecting elements are made of A2 stainless steel. 

This buoy is available in the colours red, green and yellow.

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