For marking offshore wind farms and waterways

The SB-2.6 buoy is the latest addition to Julius Marine's range of seaworthy buoy products. The unique design and the use of high quality materials guarantee a long service life with minimum service requirements.


Top superstructure

Top superstructure
The upper structure is made of polyethylene and is divided into two or three sections.
The radar reflector is integrated in the upper part. The detachable ladder is designed for a carrying weight of over 200 kg. There is also space for mounting additional solar modules. Optional battery boxes can be installed in the floor area. This is accessible through a lockable flap.
The body can be removed from the core for maintenance purposes.

Middle part
The middle part of the buoy is formed by 4 individual floats and the tower structure made of MDPE. The respective colour pigment and UV stabilizers are added to the pure polyethylene, so that the colouring does not change for years. The result of this procedure are excellent values in terms of colour stability and physical strength. The unique buoy design ensures a homogeneous profile with increased wall thickness in areas where particularly high stress is expected.

Hull frame
The hull is made of HDPE tubing and is equipped with two 316 stainless steel lifting and mooring eyes. The design allows each hull section to be easily assembled and quickly replaced if damaged. Optionally, the hull frame can be equipped with zinc anodes.


• top marks
• solar Panels
• battery
• AIS AtoN
• remote monitoring
• anchor chain and anchor stone

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