On fixed structures to mark coastlines, waterways, port entries and maritime obstacles

The LED marine lantern type LEDmax is designed for use in harsh weather conditions. The LED technology combines low energy consumption with high luminous intensity, long service life and enables almost maintenance-free operation.

The compact and stable design of this lantern is particularly noteworthy. The body is made of seawater-resistant aluminium and the lens is made of UV-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate. The lantern has an flasher with 256 selectable flash codes and an integrated twilight switch. An infrared remote control is available for programming.

The design of the LEDmax allows the construction of up to 3 tiers, each with 24 LEDs per tier to increase the visibility of the lantern.

The LEDmax marine lantern is designed for use on fixed installations where a large intensity of light is required.

In the following videos you can see the red LEDmax and green LEDmax in operation.




• lifetime of the LED's up to 100,000 hours
• standard IALA light colour in red, green or white
• adjustable day-night switch
• light intensity adjustable from 10 – 100 %
• supply voltage monitoring
• seawater resistant aluminium housing, painted
• UV-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens
• cable gland with connection cable
• circular spirit level for horizontal alignment of the light
• connection via open cable end


• GPS synchronization with other LEDmax marine lanterns
• bird spikes
• IR remote control

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