Use in storm warning systems at lakes

The storm warning lantern type LEDmax SWL is a lamp for use in storm warning systems at lakes. Special feature of the LEDmax SWL is its robust construction.

The body is made of seawater-resistant aluminium and the lens is made of UV-resistant and robust polycarbonate. The luminaire is equipped with an integrated flasher. Flash sequences of between 40 to 90 flashes per minute can be input via the digital port. Optionally, the light intensity can be automatically adjusted for day and night operation via the day-night switch.

The design of the LEDmax SWL allows up to 7 LED rows with max. 12 Power LEDs on top of each other to increase the visibility of the light. By using shading devices, the horizontal direction of the light can be adjusted.

The LEDmax SWL has a long service life and requires little maintenance.

This video shows our storm warning light LEDmax SWL yellow in operation.



• light colour yellow
• low maintenance due to the use of modern high-performance LED's
• lifetime of the LED's greater than 50,000 hours
• failure monitoring and provision of a fault message output
• control input activated light output
• control inputs for visibility reduction 10 %, 30 %
• integrated flasher
• adjustable day-night switch
• parameterization via IR remote control
• UV- and seawater resistant
• connection via cable end


• GPS synchronization with other LEDmax SWL
• bird spikes
• Shading devices
• IR remote control

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