LEDmax Air

Marking of aviation obstructions, such as masts, industrial plants, towers, chimneys and buildings

The LED obstruction light type LEDmax Air is designed for marking aviation obstacles, such as power pylons, towers, chimneys, cranes and buildings near airports or on industrial sites in ports.

LEDmax Air complies with the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Annex 14 Vol. I (Medium Intensity Light) and the AVV of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs.

LEDmax Air is suitable for operation in harsh environments. The lens is made of UV-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate, the body of seawater-resistant aluminium. The LED technology combines low energy consumption with high luminous intensity, long service life and therefore enables almost maintenance-free operation.


• available with white or red light
• maintenance-free through the use of modern high-power LEDs
• lifetime of the LEDs greater than 50,000 hours (according to the specifications of the LED manufacturer)
• failure monitoring and provision of a fault message output     
• synchronizable via GPS (separate module)
• control input for light output
• control inputs for visibility reduction 10 %, 30 %
• integrated clock generator
• day-night switch, adjustable switch-on threshold
• parameterization via IR remote control
• connection via open cable end
• levelling device

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