Autarkic LED self contained lantern for use on fixed structures for marking waterways or beacons

The self contained lantern type SKE 4x10pW LEDmin MKII has been developed and designed taking into account a variety of factors, such as energy efficiency and long service life. It can be used as a marine navigation aid on beacons.

The light module of the LED marine lantern LEDmin MKII is fully integrated into the body of the self contained lantern. This enables ranges of 3 to 5 nm to be achieved. Variants with 8°, 10° and 30° vertical dispersion are available. The self contained lantern is available in the IALA light colours red, yellow, green and white.

A maintenance-free lead-gel battery and a solar charge controller with undervoltage detection is built into the self contained lantern. Depending on the variant, up to 4 solar modules with 12 V / 10 pW each are mounted at an inclination of 10°.


• LED insert with ranges up to 5 nm
• maintenance-free solar battery up to 60 Ah
• UV and seawater resistant polyethylene body
• max. 4 solar modules with 12 V / 10 pW each
• waterproof IP65


• GPS synchronization
• IR remote control

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