For marking waterways and ports

SolaMAX-5C is the latest self-contained LED lantern capable to achieve 5 NM visibility range. It was designed and built by gathering the latest trend technologies and intelligence features in a small form factor lantern.

SolaMAX lantern is compact, ultra-low power, ease of maintenance and able stay tough in the harshest marine environment, its tall version extended the operation in low solar irradiance region.

SolaMAX-5C-AIS is equipped with an internal integrated AIS AtoN unit and GPS module to provide simplified installation and ease of regular / routine maintenance to users and installer.


• quick plug-in type lithium-ion battery packs for different operating requirement, fully complied to international requirements for lithium-ion battery transportation
• with convenient external quick charge port for battery maintenance and plug-in type power ON/OFF magnet switch
• equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 communication module with an effective operating range up to 50 m radius from 360 ° of lantern
• built-in GPS module
• available in IALA colours of red, yellow, green and white


• Typ-5CT or 5C-AIS


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