For marking waterways and ports or for temporary marking of offshore structures

The SolaMAX-65 is a self-contained  lantern with ranges of up to 5 nm in the standard version and up to 7 nm in the extended version (SolaMAX-65-T).

The self-contained  lantern is designed to provide years of maintenance-free operation. The dispersing lens and highly efficient solar modules make the SolaMAX-65 particularly suitable for northern latitudes.

Our SolaMax-65 is available in red, yellow, green and white. In the two videos we present the yellow and white version.


• battery capacity for demanding locations from 12 Ah to 50 Ah
• available in IALA colours of red, yellow, green and white
• 256 selectable flash codes
• durable LED technology
• on / off switch for storage e.g. in winter


• external AIS
• GPS synchronization module
• remote monitoring via GSM
• programming and self test option with IR remote control

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