6-fold lamp changer for operation with an electronic flasher in marine lanterns

When designing the lamp changer type S-2086, great importance was attached to simplicity and reliability. It is suitable for operation with any electronic flasher which provides a filament failure monitor and a switching output for actuating the rotary magnet.

The rotary magnet locates the lamp rotary head via a spring-loaded detent mechanism. The lamp turning head holds six S-8, S-11 marine lamps or halogen lamps with P30s pre-focused collars and positions the filament with a maximum horizontal and vertical deviation of 0.8 mm in relation to the real centre.

The lamp changer can be operated in any position and is not adversely affected by the usual shocks and vibrations that can occur when operating on buoys.


• capacity for 6 lamps
• 10 A current carrying capacity
• max. 24 V lamps
• 120 W halogen lamps
• gold-plated contacts


• light source e.g. 120 W lamps

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