For marking on buoys of waterways and ports

The SolaMAX-3A is a self-contained, compact solar lantern with ranges of up to 3 nm. The ultra-low power and compact design makes it the ideal lantern for buoys, docks, costal, aquaculture fields, beacon towers and for marking waterways, inland waters and ports in northern latitudes and areas of low solar radiation.

High-efficient and compact solar arrays were selected, it combines with smart charging management system to provide a reliable power source.


• ease of maintenance
• quick plug-in type lithium-ion battery pack (1 to 3 packs) for different operating requirement
• with Bluetooth 4.2 communication protocol, capable to communicate remotely with BRC App installed in any Android devices, effective operation range up to 50 m radius from 360 degree of the lantern
• BRC App is a complete remote control, monitor, data acquisition and display App pre-installed in selected Android cell phone (via Bluetooth)
• position reporting and multi lights synchronization via built-in GPS module


• alarms including over / under voltage, light failure, off-position, abnormal temperature and humidity, collision and warnings that inferred from the data available

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