SRT Chronos

AIS for marine aid to navigation

Chronos is an internationally certified AIS AtoN with the world’s lowest power consumption. Available as either Type 1 or Type 3 configurations, it offers a full range of features, including transmission of virtual AtoN targets, over the air configuration and chaining. Chronos can be interfaced directly with lights and racons, and to an extensive range of sensors when connected to the Chronos Sensor Interface product accessory.

The small, tough enclosure is designed for continuous, long term use in even the most extreme environments from the equator to the poles and can be easily installed in even the tightest of spaces.


• available as Type 1 or Type 3
• proven operational reliability and performance
• ultra low power consumption in all operating modes
• small size for installation in the tightest of spaces
• designed and manufactured for the toughest of environments – IP66 and IP67
• multiple flexible sensor interfaces, when combined with the Chronos
• supports virtual AtoN
• unmatched capability to be customised for specific applications and markets

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