For stationary and floating marine aids to navigation for marking coastlines, moorings or fixed obstacles

The radar reflector type SR6 is a passive radar reflector for use on buoys and beacons. Special features of this radar reflector are its 6-corner reflector plates in speckle design with optimised reflection properties.

The backscatter pattern is almost omnidirectional, not only in the horizontal axis from 0 ° to 360 °, but also in the vertical axis with a reflection angle of ± 30 °. This property is particularly important for good radar efficiency, which must be guaranteed regardless of the heeling of a buoy at sea.

The radar reflector is available in different sizes, which differ in diameter and height and thus have an influence on the radar reflecting surface. Depending on the design, it can be mounted between the lantern and its support plate or integrated into the structure of the buoy.


• 6-corner reflector plates
• speckle design
• radar area from 40 m2 to 1200 m2
• stainless steel

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