S 145 LED

Marking of locks and bridges on waterways

The lock signal lantern type S 145 LED uses the latest LED technology for light generation. The individual high-power LEDs are tested for function during operation and thermally monitored to ensure optimum function.

During the development of the lantern, attention was paid to the design to enable easy integration into control systems. Digital inputs are available for direct control, which can be used to switch the lantern on/off and to lower it at night. The lantern can be directly supplied with 12 V - 30 VDC.

The intensity in day-night operation can be adjusted in four steps. This allows the signal to be optimally adapted to the task to be performed.


• lifetime of the LED's up to 100.000 hours
• control input for switching the day-night operation on / off
• adjustment of day-night intensity via DIP switch
• control input for switching the signal on / off
• failure monitoring of the LEDs
• potential-free output to signal lantern malfunctions
• telescopic mount

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