Collection of environmental data in coastal sea areas such as the Baltic Sea, North Sea or in ports

The Julius Marine SB-138PD data buoy is the perfect solution for collecting environmental data in coastal sea areas or in ports. The data-buoy has a very robust but light-weight construction made of UV-resistant polyethylene as well as brackets for the installation of various measuring devices. It is therefore an excellent platform for the safe and precise collection of meteorological and oceanographic data.

The Julius Marine SB-138PD data buoy can effectively combine different hydrological and meteorological parameters. Basic parameters such as wind, wave height and currents can be easily extended with sensor packages such as water quality sensors.

The data collected here is synchronized in real time with the land-based operator terminal by the SmartGuard and StormLogger data management system. All this at very low total cost of ownership. The highly energy-efficient system design of the data buoy also enables long operating phases in the sea area.

The Julius Marine SB-138PD was developed for scientific and commercial purposes.


• navigation assistance
• environmental monitoring
• port surveillance
• oceanographic research
• offshore wind farm monitoring
• monitoring of dredging works
• hydraulic engineering monitoring
• weather forecast

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