Julux 200 LED

Marking of lock on waterways

The Julux 200 LED lock signal transmitter uses the latest LED technology to generate light. The individual high-power LEDs are tested for function during operation and thermally monitored to ensure optimum function.

The LED lock signal transmitter Julux 200 is clearly visible even when the sun is low. The LED lock signal transmitter is equipped with particularly reliable and efficient control modules. Durable and robust components, a very stable and reliable LED technology as well as improved thermal management ensure particularly long service life and high availability.

Each Julux 200 LED light source has an electronic monitoring circuit. Current and voltage values of the LEDs are permanently monitored and controlled. If the corresponding limit values are exceeded or undercut, the input current is immediately interrupted so that the signal is safely switched off and the signal fuse of the control unit detects this.


• latest LED technology, low power consumption and high availability
• brilliant optics - even with high ambient brightness
• reliability and longevity
• electronic monitoring ensures high security

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